Par-Tech: Engineering Smart Ideas Par-Tech: Engineering Smart Ideas

Par-Tech is a leading provider of automotive service engineering products and services. Par-Tech offers OEM and aftermarket customers the service tools required to diagnose sophisticated vehicle components in a quick fashion.

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Innovative, Cost-effective Solutions Innovative, Cost-effective Solutions

A brief summary of our corporate strengths include:
  1. Vehicle interface modules
  2. Thorough understanding of on-board diagnostics (OBD 1, OBD 2 and upcoming enhancement to OBD for USA and Europe)
  3. Proven knowledge of vehicle protocols including CAN, KW2000, ISO 9141, UART, J1850
  4. Experienced software development staff and quality control processes
  5. Vehicle diagnostics and repair experience
  6. Authoring and illustration of technical service information
  7. Content management system development
  8. Website development and maintenance
Par-Tech's core level of expertise lies in the design of enhanced diagnostic service strategies. These strategies combine the essential tools technicians need to diagnose and make accurate repairs to complex vehicle systems controlled by on-board controllers including: engine, transmission, body, and chassis control modules.

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New Product: Technical Assistance Line!
Technical Assistance
Par-Tech now offers a free technical assistance phone service to aftermarket customers. More details will be available soon!

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Par-Tech possesses a significant understanding of advanced automotive technology and the needs of OEM and aftermarket customers and strives to offer innovative, cost-effective solutions. Learn more about Par-Tech's products and services by browsing the collection of services below, or use the navigation above.

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Par-Tech Diagnostic Products

With extensive knowledge of vehicle protocols such as J1850, ISO9141, KW2000, KW81/82, CAN and J2534, Par-Tech's software development team is on the leading edge of automotive software engineering.

Diagnostic products:
  1. J2534 Multi-Protocol Interface Tool with the following communication protocols: Multi-Protocol Interface Tool
    • J1850
    • CAN
    • ISO 9141
    • KW2000
    • UART
  2. Power Recorder 2
    • Captures up to twenty (20) events
    • Has an adjustable time period per event (one to ten minutes)
    • Each recorded data event can be triggered automatically (for all DTCs, or a specific DTC)
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Enhanced (Guided) Diagnostics

Diagnostic information from each vehicle's service manual and Electronic Troubleshooting Manual can be included within Par-Tech's Enhanced Diagnostics System. The Enhanced Diagnostic System can display scan tool tests and diagnostic procedures including but not limited to:
  1. Component tests — Allow quick (ON/OFF) tests of individual vehicle components such as MIL, fuel pressure, etc.
  2. System tests — Allow automated diagnosis of complete vehicle systems such as EGR, Turbo systems, and Common Rail Fuel System components.
  3. Symptom tests — Allow technicians to diagnose various vehicle symptoms such as no start hard start, low power, etc.
  4. Procedure tests — Outline miscellaneous diagnostic procedures such as fuel contamination, crankcase ventilation diagnosis, common rail pressures and other systems.
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Application Software Development

Par-Tech offers a full range of software design and development services. We provide custom database, application and web-based solutions that enable our customers to gain significant competitive advantage.

Par-Tech specializes in design and development of complex software applications that co-exist with our diagnostic products. As many of our diagnostic solutions are PC-based, we have focused our efforts on developing software applications that complement our products and provide the “link” between the diagnostic tool and the vehicle.

Par-Tech specializes in the following programming languages and database development:
  1. C, C++
  2. Visual Basic / Visual Basic.NET
  3. Perl
  4. PHP
  6. Javascript
  7. HTML
  8. Microsoft Access
  9. Microsoft SQL Server
  10. MySQL
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Service Literature Development

Par-Tech has provided our customers with oustanding quality and delivery timing for their technical publication needs. Our service engineering staff has many years of experience in both vehicle repair and technical publication development.

Par-Tech's translation team consists of native speakers of the languages into which we translate service information from our customers, including Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and others upon request.

Areas of development include:
  1. Full vehicle service manual development and validation, including:
    • Engine controls
    • Engine mechanical
    • Schematics development
    • Body and accessories repair procedures
  2. Owners manual development
  3. Production Assembly Document (PAD) development
  4. Calibration guideline development
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Illustration Development

Par-Tech's illustration staff develops illustrations using industrial standard software for all of our technical manuals. Samples of our illustration work is below.

Illustration Example  Illustration Example  Illustration Example  Illustration Example 

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Website Development

Par-Tech can develop a website to suit the needs of any client. We have a team of people that utilize the latest web technologies in order to leverage the power of the internet. Our staff can take an initial concept and bring it to life on the web.

We can create:
  1. Aftermarket automotive websites
  2. Electronic service information websites
  3. Custom web based applications
  4. Unique flash based interfaces
  5. E-Commerce based systems
  6. Content management systems
  7. Company intranet websites
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Content Management Tool

Par-Tech’s content management tool, KBTree, is a web-based document management and publishing system. KBTree utilizes an easy-to-use interface and table of contents “tree” that users navigate to easily browse and search content. KBTree features include inline content editing, simple workflows, version control and real-time content updates.

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Dealership Services

Information on our services to dealerships is coming soon.

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End of Line Test Development

Par-Tech offers end of line testing for vehicles. Par-Tech’s detailed end of line process includes testing, tuning and preparing the vehicle for shipping. We also provide end of line software that is designed to provide convenience and precision. Par-Tech provides the technical expertise required to test and inspect sophisticated vehicle components and meet our customer’s quality demands.

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Technical & Customer Assistance

Our vehicle technical assistance specialists have multiple years of vehicle repair experience and technical publication development experience that are applied to assisting technicans in the repair of vehicles.

Counted among our technical assistance team qualifications are:
  1. ASE Certified
  2. Continuous improvement training to ensure their skills are kept up-to-date
  3. They are intimately familiar with vehicle repair and can assist customers with everything from programming a vehicle to replacing a transmission.
  4. Specialized training in various areas:
    • Engine electrical
    • Engine mechanical
    • Body
    • Chassis
    • HVAC
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Train the Trainer — On Vehicle Instruction:
Par-Tech can provide a complete instructional overview of the diagnostics systems developed by Par-Tech which will include information about installation and startup of the software and all of the system's features and functionality. The system will be used to find the faults "prestored" in the vehicle to be sure the user has a good understanding of the tool's diagnostic capabilities.

Ample time will be spent answering questions and providing examples, as well as performing on-vehicle demonstrations to ensure the trainer is well equipped to perform adequate training to the technician in the field.

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