Application Software Development Application Software Development

Par-Tech offers a full range of software design and development services. We provide custom database, application and web-based solutions that enable our customers to gain significant competitive advantage.

Par-Tech specializes in design and development of complex software applications that co-exist with our diagnostic products. As many of our diagnostic solutions are PC-based, we have focused our efforts on developing software applications that complement our products and provide the “link” between the diagnostic tool and the vehicle.

Par-Tech specializes in the following programming languages and database development:
  1. C, C++
  2. Visual Basic / Visual Basic.NET
  3. Perl
  4. PHP
  6. Javascript
  7. HTML
  8. Microsoft Access
  9. Microsoft SQL Server
  10. MySQL
Our design process includes collaborating with our customer and creating a set of requirements that meet their needs before development begins. The development phase includes project management, documentation and application development activities. A comprehensive validation plan is created and used during component and system integration testing. We utilize automated testing on selected large scale projects.