Technical & Customer Assistance Technical & Customer Assistance

Technical Assistance:
Our vehicle technical assistance specialists have multiple years of both vehicle repair experience and technical publication development experience that are applied to assisting technicians in the repair of vehicles.

We use this knowledge and experience along with technical assistance technology and our validation fleet to pinpoint the vehicle problem and help the technician quickly solve the problem. As a result, customer satisfaction rises, the technician repairs more vehicles, and shop earnings increase.

Counted among our technicial assistance teams qualifications are:
  1. ASE certifications
  2. Continuous improvement training to ensure their skills are kept up-to-date
  3. They are intimately familiar with vehicle repair and can assist customers with everything from programming a vehicle to replacing a transmission
  4. Specialized training in various areas:
    • Engine electrical
    • Engine mechanical
    • Body
    • Chassis
    • HVAC
  5. Some have even owned their own repair shop!
Software Technical Assistance — Help Desk:
Par-Tech has been supporting technicians with software application technical assistance for the past several years. Par-Tech operates a 1-800 technical assistance line to cover all USA time zones. Each operator is trained and considered subject matter experts on facets involving basic PC troubleshooting and repair, typical operating software applications and all Par-Tech developed and released software applications.

All calls are tracked in our call tracking database and summary reports are generated monthly, which can be made available the customer upon request. The summary reports include the following information:
  1. Caller name and location
  2. Type of equipment used
  3. Details regarding issue or concern reported
  4. Recommended solution
  5. Summary and resolution
Our "Remote control" feature allows for our help desk technicians to access our customer's PC for technical assistance, training and assistance with diagnosis and repair of vehicles. When using our remote control application, security is an important issue. We use 256-bit end-to-end encryption and implement strict security measures that protect against unauthorized access to the data, programs and systems we assist.