Training Training

Train the Trainer — On Vehicle Instruction:
Par-Tech can provide a complete instructional overview of the diagnostics systems developed by Par-Tech which will include information about installation and startup of the software and all of the system's features and functionality. The system will be used to find the faults "prestored" in the vehicle to be sure the user has a good understanding of the tool's diagnostic capabilities.

Ample time will be spent answering questions and providing examples, as well as performing on-vehicle demonstrations to ensure the trainer is well equipped to perform adequate training to the technician in the field.

All the train-the-trainer materials will be provided in American English. A complete set of hard copy slides and information will be presented to each trainer to be used in their preparation of future training materials.

Training tracking software:
One of the hardest jobs that a service manager has is the continous push for improvement of their technicians' skills. Which courses have they taken? When did they take them? Are seats available in classes offered by the OEM? Which and when are the next courses offered in the technician's expertise path?

Par-Tech has solved that problem with the introduction of the Technician Training Scheduler (TTS). TTS is a web-based application with which technicians can track their training, see which courses are available and when, and schedule themselves for the course all from their PC. Once enrolled, the seat is saved and a notification and approval e-mail is sent to the service manager. If approved, the technician will be scheduled for the class.

Technicians can:
  1. View their training path
  2. See available classes that they need to take
  3. Check seating availability
  4. Schedule and enroll for classes
  5. Have the Service Manager notified for approval