Web Development Website Development

Par-Tech can develop a website to suit the needs of any client. We have a team of people that utilize the latest web technologies in order to leverage the power of the internet. Our staff can take an initial concept and bring it to life on the web.

We can create:
  1. Aftermarket automotive websites: We can provide you with a complete and comprehensive solution for your aftermarket website, with full service documentation including:
    • Service manuals
    • Electrical troubleshooting manuals
    • Diagnostic and calibration information
    • Service bulletins
    • Owners manuals, warranty policy and procedure manuals, and more
    We can also provide you with our full suite of training management tools, which include:
    • Course catalog and training paths to help establish a series of course prerequisites and requirements and to help your users become familiar with their course materials
    • Fully-customizable enrollment process that gives your users the ability to enroll for and manage their courses while giving you the ability to manage attendance, seats available and grades
    • Reports, graphs and logging tools to keep track of all training history and records
  2. Electronic service information websites: Our team has years of experience in content management, which is vital in maintaining an accurate service information website. Our unique content management system (CMS) provides us the ability to separate your publications into organized "books", each having a distinctive style, name and attributes. Any or all of these "books" can be deployed electronically to the web via a friendly and accessible user interface with the access and security rights that you specify.
  3. Custom web based applications: Part of working on the web is being confronted with and working around unique situations. If you are experiencing a road block with your current application or need a solution created from scratch, we will work with you to solve it in a way that best caters to your needs. We have experience in a number of unique areas:
    • Data parsing and processing from a number of sources, including SGML, XML, flat files, databases and more
    • Batch-processing image manipulation, conversion and storage
    • Flexible, dynamic login-based user interfaces
    • Database migration and optimization
  4. Unique flash based interfaces: If you're in need of something that will catch the customer's eye, our Flash developers can create custom animation, graphic and logo design all from within an easy-to-use and "flashy" user interface. We can also export your blueprints, architectural plans, or any prototype design into Flash to create an animated, 3-D model that your users can interact with and bring to life on the web.
  5. E-Commerce based systems: Our team has experience with launching shopping-cart based systems and can custom build a secure, web-based solution for your company. Security is of our highest concern, and we use only 128-bit SSL encryption to protect your users from fraud. We also have experience with subscription (automatically recurring) services and automatic shipping calculation through your desired shipping company.
  6. Content management systems: We believe that our content management system (CMS) will enable you to solve problems, stay organized and give you the control you need to be able to stay ahead. Our CMS offers you the following features:
    • Add, edit and delete multiple publications
    • Full control over the unique styling and appearance of each publication
    • Validate the integrity of your data via our set of administration tools to ensure that all links and images are in working order
    • Copy, move, edit, delete and lock/unlock all documents within any publication
    • Manage the users that have access to your publications, along with how and what they see
    • Robust searching cababilities by keyword, phrase and section, along with global searches
    • Export data to PDF or Excel
    • Ability to print each publication by section or all at once
  7. Company intranet websites: We can create a login-based intranet solution that matches your need for security and exclusivity. We have experience with creating userbases of varying degrees of accessibility, and can pass this functionality along to you so that you can manage it easily and quickly without the hassle of a larger proprietary solution that is less focused on your needs.